Monday, September 3, 2007

Time for an intervention

Help me. I need an intervention. No, it's nothing THAT horrible, but I do have a problem. You see, I can't help myself when it comes to writing instruments. I just love them. Love them! Yesterday, at Target, I bought yet another set of colored gel pens. Do I need them? No. Why did you do it, Kris? Because they're pretty. I just can't help myself.

Then, since I've gotten this new job, volunteered to be the team manager of my son's hockey team, and have taken on the position of PTO Secretary for my son's school, I decided that I really wanted my office downstairs rather than being tucked upstairs in a small room. My husband graciously moved all of the furniture around. It was a win-win situation in my boy's eyes - they got a playroom out of the deal. I got my office downstairs. It had been awhile since I'd used my desk, and I knew that it would have to be reorganized.

Now, I knew I had a lot of writing instruments, but I didn't realize HOW MANY! I quickly (30 minutes or so) went through them all, figuring out the ones that didn't write anymore, keeping the ones I wanted, tossing the ones that were no good and then putting a bunch (40 or so) in the kid's art station. I still have all the colored ones I bought at the store on my desk, along with more pens that I could use in a year.

I promised my husband that I wouldn't buy anymore pens/pencils until next year. He quickly responded with, "That's only three months away."

I hadn't thought of that! Please. Help. Me.


Jennifer McK said...

LOL!!!! Do all of them work? Now, see, I have a ton and some don't work at all.
Makes taking notes challenging.

Kris Yankee said...

All of the ones I have left work!

Lord, I had to go to Office Depot today to get some supplies. I walked down the writing instrument aisle and had to quicken my step.

It's an addiction, I know.

Morgan St. John said...

I'm all over that Kris!!! I buy these things like they're going extinct. It could be a sickness. Maybe we should start a group...oh that's right, we already have a group. *rzzz*

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